Commercial Studio Photography

Lighting makes all the differance

Stephen, carefully lights the subjects to reveal their most favorable aspects then records them on the highest quality equipment.

Recent Work

These are being used for client's internet marketing on their respective websites

Extensive lighting added to replace showroom overhead florescents
Live action video combined with still photos

some older projects

These are 2015 videos in use on client's international marketing website

Location Studio Video and Still Supplied Photos
Product Demo website use Studio Stills and Video

An image showing a cement paver catalog page, a chrome quick-release adapter set, a circuit poard, and two stelite modems to illustrate a viariety of studio photograpy subjets.

Documentation Video

Video and still photos for Arizona Masonry Guild – public relations use. A single frame of timecode version shown here

Product Training Video
Female Medical Ecxecutive at left, 2nd portrait of chef in lounge area and below 3 images of a chef's hands at work with a bowl, a pan and pouting wine indo a pan.

Video Editing

Completing the story

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